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Digestive EQ 4KG

$110.00 $118.00

Is your horse suffering from lack-lusture of hoof or coat condition, excitable behaviour, restrictive movement, sour attitude, girthiness or recurrent colic and laminitis?

These might be due to an unhealthy gut (both fore & hind).

Digestive EQ is designed to support the digestive and immune systems of your horse. Its unique formulation is designed to assist with fore gut and hind gut digestion, inflamation and immune challenges. 

Digestive Enhancer and PH Stabiliser.

Dual action Mycotoxin Binder.

Powerful Prebiotic

Threonine & Glutamine.

Added Enzymes & Antioxidants.


Available in 4kgs and 15kgs.

Collect either from Lismore Saddleworld, or an upcoming Show, Gymkhana or Hack Show.

Contact me for further details. 

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